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We Produce Nylon Yarn "Denir" s/n: 210 beginning from No. 2 to No. 36 with the Best Quality, Durability and Stability, which doesn't corrupt while sewing.

The Yarn Produced in Our Company is widely used in various Industries and also in Saddlery. It could be used in sewing wallets, shoes, Cha'dore, Safety seat belt, some of house furniture like Sofa, Armature winding in Electro-motors, making forger and sewing fishing nets.

Definitely, demands to buy products of this factory states the unique quality that all the products have. Producing high-quality products has always been our goal which we've fulfilled it with our efforts and so to say the experience we've achieved during years and years, that would not have happened without using Technologies used worldwide.

All ranks are rolled upon 16-Centimeter Ordinary spindles and 10-Centimeter funnel-shaped spindles. The Net Weight of each spindle is 140 g.
Each box contains 100 Ordinary spindles and 120 Funnel-Shaped spindles that are packed individually as well as having been packed in five-some "Shiring Pack" Nylons.

Yarn Weight:
This parameter is variable depending on what customers want. It could vary between 140 g net weight to 500 g.
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